CPMS - Cable Pressure Monitoring Solution

Proven solutions that match customer needs

The Access Network is a valuable core asset. Monitronix's CPMS can be deployed as a modular or total solution for proactive maintenance of the Access Network.

The various components, from compressor dryers to monitoring systems to transducers, can be integrated into an existing cable pressure monitoring system.

  • Return on Investment within three months.*
  • Can be integrated into a workflow management system.
  • Labour saving functions such as inbuilt diagnostic facilities and portable, handheld transducer testers for use in the field.
  • Saves time and money through remote access to monitoring systems via PSTN or Ethernet.
  • Reduces the number of required site visits through monitoring of compressor dryers.
  • Quick and easy installation of wall-mountable, compact monitoring systems. Rack space is not a requirement.
  • Reduction in maintenance costs through the use of Digital Flow Panels. DFPs provide local and remote tracking of air usage and can be retrofitted to any make of compressor dryer.
  • Extensive reporting and diagnostic facilities.
  • Quick scan times and multiple alarming options.
  • Supports software download.
  • Hardware or software addressable transducers compatible with most primary monitoring systems
  • Portable transducer tester that also measures cable resistance and capacitance.
  • Compact, low noise compressor dryers with LCD displays.
  • Pressure, flow, humidity, moisture and much more monitored.
Our Approach

At Monitronix Europe we are committed to working closely with customers. As a result of close collaboration we are able to deliver exceptional value.

* Based on statistical sample.