October 2012

TeliaSonera starts to install Monitronix transducers in newly designed, robust housings

August 2012

BT Openreach extends its deployment of the Monitronix DCE Plus monitoring systems to 12 exchanges in the Manchester area thereby saving an estimated £20k per exchange in rewiring and equipment replacement costs.

January 2012

e|net chooses Monitronix Europe as its supplier of fibre patch cords.

September 2011

e|net, the Irish company that manages the Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) on behalf of the Irish Government, begins test on our fibre patch cords.

June 2011

TeliaSonera installs Monitronix compact cable pressure monitoring systems to replace Sparton systems.

January 2010 - Monitronix Europe provides more solutions to TeliaSonera

Monitronix is now providing transducers compatible with Telia three separate cable pressure monitoring systems. The ease of installation and maintenance was one of the primary reasons Telia decided to use a third range of Monitronix transducers. These transducers are interoperable, so while they are being monitored by three different systems, they can be monitored by the same Monitronix monitoring system.

December 2009 - Monitronix Europe becomes the supplier of choice of Compressor Desiccator Units for eircom

By providing cost-effective CDUs (Compressor Desiccator Units) with innovative monitoring features, Monitronix has been chosen by eircom as its sole supplier for 2010. The units will be used for both new installations and to replace end-of-life CDUs such as Carra, Central, Drallim and Sal units. Monitronix also supplies eircom with DFPs (Digital Flow Panels) which are used with Monitronix CDUs and retrofitted to older CDUs allowing previously unmonitored exchanges to be added to the monitored network.

November 2009 - The Value of Cable Pressurisation

The value of cable pressurisation was in evidence during the severe flooding that occurred in Ireland during November 2009. County Cork was one of the areas worse affected by the floods and the eircom exchange in the town of Bandon, which was flooded, was under water. Water levels rose to almost one meter up the M.D.F (Main Distribution Frame) from where 13 cables, the largest being a 2,000 pair cable, leave the exchange. However, all of these pressurised cables leaving the exchange and distributed around Bandon and outlying areas remained intact with no washouts recorded.

February 2008 - Monitronix supplies to Telia in Sweden

Monitronix Europe, through its partner in Sweden, is supplying pressure transducers to Telia. The transducers supplied are compatible with Telia incumbent monitoring equipment. Monitronix Europe hopes to continue to work closely in Sweden in the coming months and years to bring its innovative monitoring solutions to the Swedish network.

May 2007 - Monitronix Europe takes part in the first ICT Irish Trade Mission to Latvia.

Led by President of Ireland Mary McAleese and organised by Enterprise Ireland, the Trade Mission facilitated client companies interested in exploring new business opportunities in Latvia.

Monitronix Europe met with Lattelecom, which has the largest market share of the fixed-line business, and LMT (Latvijas Mobilais Telefons) which is one of the biggest mobile operators in Latvia. The mission was being supported by the Irish Embassy in Riga (Ambassador Tim Mawe, First Sec. Donal Kenneally), The Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIDA) and the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (LIKTA).

August 2006 - Shannon Development grants funding to Monitronix Europe

We are pleased to announce that Shannon Development, the Irish Regional Development Authority, has chosen to grant funding to Monitronix Europe based on the key industrial sector in which we operate and our specific growth potential.

The principal objective of the Irish Regional Development Authority is to maximise the development potential of industry throughout Ireland. Specifically they assist existing industry to build capability, competitiveness and capacity to achieve increased sales and employment levels.

July 2006 - ECD/CDU/EFP Monitoring

Monitronix has recently installed and successfully integrated its full range of Electronic Compressor Dryers and Electronic Flow panels into the 800 series monitoring system network. All aspects of the ECD/CDU/EFP systems can now be monitored including voltages, currents, humidity, run time hours, pressures and flows. They can be displayed on front-end systems alongside cable pressure transducer readings giving a comprehensive overall picture of the pressurised network beginning at the source.

MT Europe plans to extend this exciting feature throughout those regions of Europe where pressurisation systems are used.

November 2005 – Monitronix comes to Europe

Monitronix is delighted to announce the establishment of Monitronix Europe which has been set up to supply and support our products throughout the European region.

Dave Graham, Monitronix Europe's managing director, says "this is an opportunity for telcos operators throughout Europe to benefit from the innovative range of Monitronix products. Deploying these products will lead to significant gains as the latest technology which Monitronix utilises offers major operational improvements and allows core infrastructure to be better leveraged."

Monitronix Europe will allow operators to avail of important advances in the technical evolution of areas as diverse as

  • pressurisation as a means of fixed network protection and maintenance.
  • power monitoring for bases stations, switches, management centres and data transmission equipment.
  • security and access control and monitoring.
July 2005 - 800ACPMS now talking Modbus

Monitronix has now integrated the Modbus protocol into the 800ACPMS. This allows the 800 to communicate its data into overhead systems supporting this protocol and allows integration to most standard SCADA applications on the market today. With this breakthrough, instantaneous alarms and events can be forwarded to Operations Centres throughout the organisation.