Case Study
Cost reduction, reduction in faults and remote monitoring units that are easy to install and use - three business issues that eircom wanted to address...

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Cable Pressure Monitoring Systems

In the Telecommunications industry, the pressurisation of copper cables in the access network is a proven and valuable method of preventing damage from water ingress. Monitronix Europe provides cost-effective and innovative cable pressurisation equipment and cable pressure monitoring systems.

Our products, such as air compressor dryer machines, addressable pressure transducers, and compact monitoring systems, are proven to make a positive impact financially. A core strength of our products is the ease in which they are integrated into existing infrastructures.

We believe in and practice close collaboration with our clients. With extensive experience in air compressor dryer machine maintenance and a deep understanding of the outside plant, we make maintenance and monitoring of the network more efficient.

We excel in the design and implementation of cable pressure monitoring systems (overhead systems) that are easily integrated into workflow management systems.

Fibre Patch Cords and Attenuators

Since 2011 we have been supplying cost effective fibre patch cords and attenuators to the Irish market. To enquire about further information on the type of fibre patch cords and attenuators that we provide, our contact details are provided on the 'Contact Us' page of this website.